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AAP can help with recycling and waste solutions.

Waste Recycling

With so much media coverage on plastic waste, we wanted to help customers find environmentally friendly ways to recycle their waste packaging. One of the best ways to do this is by compacting or bailing the polythene and cardboard typically associated with packaging goods.

Working closely with our Recycling partner we can supply efficient, custom built, high quality waste compactors and balers which can provide significant savings on your waste costs. Our consultants have vast experience in designing and developing compaction equipment. This combined with dedication to make recycling as easy and streamlined as possible, you can be sure that the product and service you receive from us will be perfect for your waste disposal needs.

Our partner's research and expertise has resulted in exceptionally efficient compactors that produce perfectly sized bales. Not only are they easy to store; but they are smaller to transport resulting in savings on carriage costs, as well as increased revenue from greater capacity when loading lorries.


A full range of both new and refurbished compactors and balers have helped customers make significant financial savings; with achievable compaction ratios of up to 20:1 not only are waste disposal costs considerably reduced but revenue can be created with the recycling of certain materials. By using one of our balers it can often help generate an income, ensure your waste storage space is clean, tidy and effective and decrease the amount of waste sent to landfill, reducing the impact on the environment.

You do not need to have technical knowledge of machines to efficiently eliminate waste; by working together with us you will receive unrivalled service. Call today to arrange a free consultancy visit.

Closing The Loop – Disposing of packaging waste

Here at AAP we are dedicated to helping our customers recycle more efficiently and take control of their packaging waste. That’s where we can help guide on which companies are best to work with in disposing of your waste material.

For many distribution and return sites the introduction of a closed loop recycling system gives the best opportunity to achieve a greener and more sustainable business. In many cases this can be implemented relatively quickly. Plastic waste is costly to dispose of, however, with a little effort it can be recycled into plastic bags and packaging. This not only offers substantial cost savings but also has a very positive environmental impact. Cardboard waste also has a value, we can help your business generate a revenue whilst doing your bit for the environment, a real ‘win/win’.

Our consultants are experts with second to none knowledge about the recycling industry and the use of the right equipment for each environment and waste stream. You can be confident that you are using the right product to meet your waste disposal needs most efficiently and cost effectively.

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