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Pharmaceutical grade polythene bags, liners, covers & film.

Our Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Range

Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, AAP’s range of products have been developed specifically for hygiene-critical packing, transfer and storage applications. This ensures the most secure internal transit packaging within your facility. All products are 100% traceable from source raw material to finished product. Made with strong seal integrity, our pharma-grade polythene is used by pharmaceutical companies for the bulk packaging of powders and tablets. This guarantees safe loading and storage of pharmaceutical products.

Polythene Body Bags

Standard bags are supplied unprinted, we also provide the option to print with customer approved safety warning notice / bio-hazard warning notices if required, eg Infection Control or Covid-19.

Due to the white opacity of our bags, the contents remain concealed and once sealed the risk of exposure or infection to others is reduced. Bags are typically made in 115mu or 85mu, guidelines suggest bodies are double bagged to reduce the risk of infection spreading.

Bags are made with a seal at both ends and a large opening running down the length, the body can be placed inside with relative ease. Once filled, the opening is sealed using heavy duty cloth tape to create an airtight seal. Please note, our bags have no zips or carry handles.

For ease of handling, bags are supplied perforated on a roll enabling them to be stored neatly and torn off effectively.

Plastic Disposable Aprons

Our plastic aprons are widely used by clients within the Health Service including hospitals and care homes. Vets, food processors and pharma companies also use disposable aprons in a variety of colours.

The aprons are made in virgin polythene with a square head hole for ease of fitting. The two tie strings are used to secure apron in place. Protection is offered due to the generous length helping to reduce contamination to under garments.

Aprons available in clear and also a variety of standard colours including red, white, green, yellow and blue. They are supplied 500 per box.

Clinical Waste Bags:

Here at AAP we are industry leading suppliers of UN Approved & Licensed Clinical Waste Bags & Sacks. We hold stock and distribute vast quantities into the healthcare sector and specialist waste collection companies. Our ability to print onto the bags allow our customers to apply their brand and any print design required on top of the necessary licensing information for clinical waste.

All of our Clinical Waste and Tiger Stripe bags have exceptional levels of puncture and tension resistance ensuring waste can be safely disposed of and transported without risk of bag failure. This is achieved through utilising the latest extrusion techniques and polymer technologies. We offer industry leading bags made in high strength blended material or we have a more cost effective option made from in-house recycled polythene.

Tiger Stripe Bags

Alongside Clinical Waste Bags we are also suppliers of Tiger Stripe Bags & Sacks for offensive/hygiene waste, typically used when collection and disposal is not subject to special requirements in order to prevent infection. While not subject to UN Approval regulations, we still ensure that all Tiger Stripe Bags we provide are held to the same high standards and consistency due to the offensive contents within the bags.

Decontamination Bags

For companies that offer a decontamination service where products are hygienically cleaned we can supply bags and covers to suit. We have bags for mattresses, bed frames, clinical pumps & seating and can supply products to identify Clean or Dirty products. Our bags are used by healthcare professionals and specialist waste collection companies working in compliance with the latest legislation.

The AAP healthcare range meets and exceeds the high demands of the pharmaceutical sector, give us a call to see if we can help.

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