Pallet Covers, Liners & Sheets

Pallet Covers, Liners & Sheets

Polythene covers & liners,
Pallet top & base sheets.

Shrink Pallet Covers

Our heat shrink pallet covers offer excellent levels of protection for palletised goods for both storage and in transit. We supply Standard Shrink Covers or you could save money, polythene waste and time by using our High Strength Shrink grade pallet covers that offer superior load stability whilst down gauging, without affecting the quality or performance of the pallet cover. Our shrink covers are specifically designed to offer a high quality and economical way to provide load stability and protect all your palletised products for storage and transportation.

Non-Shrink Pallet Covers

Our non-shrink pallet covers can be manufactured in a range of materials that best suit your application. We supply in either high strength virgin material or less expensive recycled polythene. Manufactured to a very high standard, our pallet covers protect palletised goods from dust, dirt and rain and can be manufactured to a bespoke thickness depending on your application and requirements. We can help advise on the most cost-effective solution. These great products are easy to use. They require no heat application nor any extra machinery. Due to how simple they are to apply, non-shrink pallet covers are perfect for protecting your products quickly from dust, dirt or rain. They are suitable for warehouses, construction sites and other outdoor working areas exposed to the weather.

Non-Shrink Recycled Pallet Covers

Where performance levels of the polythene are not a key factor, Recycled Pallet Covers can prove to be the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of covering palletised goods. Our recycled polythene is produced almost entirely from supplier in-house recycled production waste which result in greater levels of quality and consistency when compared with alternative recycled products.

Top and Base Sheets

For palletised goods not requiring a fully enclosed cover we can offer Pallet Top and Base Sheets. Light gauge sheets are used to protect loads from dust & dirt whilst in storage and offer covering if a load is caught in showers during transit. Heavier duty sheets provide additional strength and stability. We can guide on what’s best for your needs. Pallet Base Sheets are widely used to protect the bottom layer of the product.

Tear off Reels (TOR)

All covers and liners can be supplied as Tear off Reels (TOR) or individually cut as singles and packaged neatly in boxes or bundles.

Here at AAP we offer bespoke solutions to your packaging requirements. We use our years of knowledge to advise on the most cost-effective method for packing your products. We find out what suits your needs, so we can guide you on choosing the right packaging for your business, helping you save time and money in addition to reducing your polythene waste.

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