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Industrial Sacks

High strength, heavy duty industrial sacks

Our Industrial Sacks

We can supply a full range of sizes, colours and thickness of heavy-duty industrial polythene sacks both plain and printed. These can be made bespoke according to your exact requirements and application. AAP can help to recommend the most cost-effective solution for your packaging needs.

Our Sack range includes Aggregate and Rubble Sacks, Bale Bags for Wood Shavings used for animal bedding, Dust Extraction sacks, Waste Bags, Animal Feed sacks, Horticulture Bags, Coal Sacks, Carpet Underlay Bags, Secure Document Destruction Sacks plus many more!

The Best Heavy Duty Sacks

Choosing a high strength film can be critical for these types of applications and industries. Our heavy-duty sacks are the ultimate in toughness, and are specifically designed to carry sharp and heavy materials without tearing. Across every industrial sector, our heavy-duty polythene bags package any shaped items and resist punctures and tears. By switching to a high strength blend our customers can use a product that stands up to the toughest demands during packing, storage, transportation and final use.

Our advanced high strength blend has enabled bags to be made thinner than ever before without compromising on tear and puncture strength. This in turn has helped to reduce many of our customer's packaging waste, use up less of the planet's finite raw material source and to meet tougher environmental standards.

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