Furniture and Mattress Covers

Furniture Covers & Mattress Bags

A range of sofa, chair & mattress bags to fit all sizes.

Furniture Covers & Mattress Bags

Furniture manufacturers need effective packaging to protect sofas, chairs and mattresses against dirt, rain and abrasion. Your quality product needs the right packaging; cheap polythene covers increase the risk of customer returns and complaints. We can help reduce this risk by offering a wide range of covers to suit all applications.

We supply a variety of High Strength, High Clarity, Virgin Covers or for less critical loads we can produce cost effective Recycled Blends, all made exactly to your specification and requirements.

All covers can be supplied as Tear off on a Roll (TOR) or as singles in packs. Thickness ranges from 25 microns to 300 microns (100 Gauge To 1200 Gauge) and can be produced in Printed or Plain formats, all made bespoke to best suit your budget and application.

High Strength Furniture Covers & Mattress Bags

Our high strength polythene allows for a thinner, more cost-effective cover that offers excellent levels of protection for furniture and mattresses for storage, handling and in transit. These covers offer superior levels of puncture and tension resistance and help to reduce unit costs by using less raw material in production. Customers using this blend have reported a significant reduction in the number of returns and damaged goods in transit and storage.

High Clarity Furniture Covers & Mattress Bags

If you want to show off your finished product then try our high clarity blend. Manufactured from premium virgin polymer to a very high standard, our high clarity covers offer excellent optics for viewing the product through the cover whilst protecting the furniture goods from dust, dirt and the transport process. They can be manufactured very thin or very thick depending on application and requirement.

Recycled Furniture Covers & Mattress Bags

Where the strength of the polythene cover is not such a key factor in your packaging, why not consider our recycled furniture covers? They can prove to be the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of covering furniture. Our recycled polythene is produced almost entirely from in-house recycled production waste, resulting in greater levels of control in quality and consistency, without the contamination from outside sources that is common in many other recycled polythene bags and covers.

Whatever furniture you are covering we will have something to suit your requirements. Finding the right product at the right price is where we can help. Call AAP and let’s talk through your needs.

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