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BRC Certified Food Contact Approved Products

Food grade polythene liners, covers and bags.

Food Contact Approved Products

High performance transit packaging is critical to keep food fresh and safe. We supply BRC approved polythene food grade bags, box liners, Dolav liners, pallet base sheets and films for food manufacturers and processors.

Our expertise is in the design and production of products needed to adhere to the strict hygiene demands expected by food processing companies. Product quality is crucial and needs to be consistent, therefore, our product blends are managed using state of the art systems and machinery. All products are made using Virgin food grade polymers to meet and exceed European Food Packaging Regulations.

BRC Certified Packaging

The introduction of our food grade polythene bags and films are often critical in reducing potential contaminants. Supplying products on plastic pallets, plastic cores and interleaving slats are common requirements and needed to meet the hygiene demands of the many food processing companies we work with.

From a Small Box or Tray Liner to the largest Dolav Liners, we manufacture a wide range of specially designed bespoke food grade polythene liners supplied tear off on a roll or flat packed in a box format. We can also supply a wide range of Vacuum Pouches, Gas Flush Pouches and Barrier Shrink Bags to the food sector.

We work closely with our customers to make sure we fully understand your needs. We strive to consistently offer great products and an industry leading service. Take advantage of our free consultation service so we can fully assess your requirements.

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