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Asbestos Waste
Sacks & Film

UN Certified Asbestos
Waste Sacks, Enclosure Films
& Flame Retardent Polythene.

Our Asbestos Sack Range

AAP supply and stock a range of UN tested and approved asbestos bags for asbestos removal and disposal. Our small and medium duty bags are typically used for low volume removals. Large, heavier duty sacks are suited to bulkier, sharp and fragmented materials such as pipes, panels and tiles.

Tested & Approved Asbestos Sacks To UN Requirements

Every asbestos sack in our range has been subject to UN Package Performance Tests upon which every sack type has passed and been awarded a certificate of packaging performance by the VCA Dangerous Goods Office. This means that all of our printed asbestos sacks come with approved and up to date UN certification numbers enabling full traceability and confirmation of license. Upon request we can provide copies of certification for the asbestos sacks we supply.

The Best Asbestos Sacks In The UK

Asbestos sacks need to be made to a consistent high standard and as a leading supplier, we ensure all our bags adhere to strict government legislations. Manufactured in the UK, every one of our asbestos sacks is made on state of the art sack extruders using a complex blend of prime high strength polymers. This results in bags that offer exceptional puncture, impact and tension resistant properties.

By using 100% prime polymers in the production process we ensure that our sacks offer unparalleled levels of consistency and quality. All our products are guaranteed for reliable performance whilst maintaining tight control over size and thickness.

Enclosure & Flame Retardant Polythene Films

AAP also supply a wide range of enclosure films. We stock Clear and Blue Tint products as well as Orange and White certified Flame Retardant Film. All films meet and adhere to strict industry legislation.

We know removing asbestos is serious stuff and that’s why we are serious about supplying you the best products to do the job. So, why not give AAP a call? We're sure we’ll be able to help.

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