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Our Ancillary Items Range

Here at AAP we are happy to source all kinds of packaging items for you. We have been in the packaging business for many years and have formed close ties with multiple suppliers. We have a huge range of contacts and can bring you the best products for your requirements at very competitive prices. Why not give us a try?

Pallet Wrap (Stretchfilm) – Hand and Machine applied

Pallet Wrap (Stretchfilm) comes in many sizes and materials. AAP can guide you on what’s out there and what best suits your needs. We can supply all varieties, delivered quickly and at prices that fit your budget. Multi-Layer Pre-Stretch films are now widely used throughout almost every industry in the UK, reducing waste and keeping costs down. Blown and Cast films remain a staple of many businesses and we have these readily available for immediate despatch. Our product range is one of the most comprehensive in the UK and sample rolls are readily available. Let us show you what we have to offer.

Packaging Tapes

From economically priced Acrylic Tapes to top end Vinyl Tapes, we have the range to suit every requirement and budget. Tape quality and what it’s used for can vary hugely, therefore we take the time to find out what you need yours for and guide on what’s the best option. Samples of tape are readily available and with such huge off the shelf stock, we ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

Printed Tapes can add value and offer a cost-effective way to advertise your business and with low minimum order quantities, we help even the smallest companies make the biggest impact. Get in touch for quote.

Inflatable Packaging

Until relatively recently, traditional protective packaging such as polystyrene, bubble wrap, shredded cardboard and paper were used to protect fragile items like glass bottles, electronic goods and toners from damage in transit. However, these materials can have drawbacks.

AAP have a more environmentally friendly alternative. Our 100% Recyclable Inflatable Packaging offers real significant benefits that reduce breakages and returns and also lower your storage and shipping costs.

Contact AAP and we will talk through your needs and show you how transit packaging has evolved.

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Labels & Cable Ties

Most parcels are labelled in one way or another, therefore AAP work with some of the leading producers of labels to add this to the range of products we can supply. They must be the right specification, this is why we take time to find out how you use yours and how we can help.

Our experience tells us that Cable Ties are widely used for sending out parcels in a sack or bag. We have the solution and can source stock for quick delivery.

What other packaging do you use? If there are any items that we have not listed that you would like us to help with, please get in touch and tap into our years of industry know how.

Cardboard Boxes and Edge Protectors

Whatever quantity you need, in whatever size and quality is required, we have a solution to suit. Whether it’s bespoke or something from our huge off the shelf stock range, you can be sure it will be 100% recyclable and at a price that fits any budget.